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Run to Win: The Darryl Wood Show

Tune in Mon-Thurs. from 4p - 6p ET, locally on AM 1500

“Run to Win: The Darryl Wood Show” juxtaposes biblical principles and current events. The fast-paced two-hour radio show unleashes host Darryl Wood’s knowledge, interests and passion, as he talks with and reacts to his listening audience. The show’s recurring weekly segments include listener feedback through social media, and guest interviews. Award-winning broadcaster Darryl Wood guides listeners through the maze of information related to religion, news headlines, pop culture, science and technology, health and fitness, lifestyle interests and more; pointing out where these and other topics crisscross, compliment and conflict with a Christian-Conservative world view. “Run to Win: The Darryl Wood Show” originates from the studios of Salem Communication’s (WLQV) Faith Talk 1500 AM in Detroit.

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